Hobbies You Can Pick Up To Get You Through Exam Season

There comes a time every university academic year where students experience high volumes of stress. That beloved time of year is incredibly likely to be around about now… the Spring exam season. This is a time of year that often causes students a lot of stress. And why wouldn’t it? It feels like months and months of lectures, seminars and studying all comes down to this one exam or essay. It means you need to equip yourself with the tools to be the best version of yourself. There are a bunch of ways to do this. Of course, we feel your home environment is important and whether you have a one bedroom flat, or a four bedroom property with your best friends – it is always great to be able to ensure that your home is one that gets those creative and academic juices flowing and makes revision or essay writing just that little bit easier.

A lot of us have gotten to university, moved into our new student houses and flats but have totally abandoned our favourite hobbies and interests. We understand if you haven’t been able to move your drum set into your flat, but what about picking up some new hobbies that could be more flatmate/neighbour friendly? Both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam have a range of societies that students can get involved in to remind themselves of the fun side of university – and to pick up a new skill. Both universities have great societies that allow you to bring out your wild, sporty, caring or creative sides. It is great to get engaged with your Students’ Union and pick up a new skill or make some new friends with similar interests. Some of our Sheffield union insiders have recommending some fantastic societies to have a look into.

University Societies

Rock Society (or any other genre of music)
Both universities have a thriving Rock Society for the more obscure of music lovers, but you can find societies based on a range of musical interests. Sheffield Hallam have a drum and bass society and Sheffield University has a Karaoke society. These special interest groups are great for students who need to take their minds off work and really let their hair down. Members gather for a range of events and festivals but also have food and drink socials so there is something for everyone. We all need to remind ourselves to get out and have a little fun during exam season.

Film Society
Both Sheffield universities have Film Societies for those of us who love escaping stress through storytelling. University of Sheffield have an incredibly popular Film Unit, an independent cinema in the Students’ Union. There’s nothing to take your mind off exam drama like getting stuck into a movie. You can watch a range of classics, independent and new blockbuster films at the Film Unit for a great price – and you don’t have to be a University of Sheffield student either.

Volunteering Society
Sheffield Hallam have a university Volunteering Society that students can join. While the University of Sheffield have a range of special cause societies such as the Conservation Volunteers group. As part of these societies, you can spend time engaging with the local community and truly giving back. Volunteering is a great way to get your mind off the stresses of university while being able to contribute to something that really affects change. It is also great for getting experience and will likely equip you even more for life post-degree.

woman running sheffield

Other Student Hobbies

Outside of the universities, there is a wealth of hobbies you can pick up in the Sheffield area. Because let’s face it, some of us don’t want to be social all the time and exam season can be a great time to spend a little time on your own. Running is clinically proven to be a great stress reliever. It is an activity that truly pumps up your endorphins – these are your brain’s feel-good chemicals and they trigger a positive feeling in the body. This is a feeling of positivity and self-belief that you can carry into your workload. The boost in a person’s self-esteem that follows a run- regardless of speed, distance or power- can only be a good thing.

This sounds like a cliché, but yoga is something that has surprised a lot of sceptics who are in need of a little relaxation and some mindfulness. You don’t have to go anywhere to do some yoga, all you need is a little space in your bedroom. If you’re new to yoga, try alternating these three basic positions for five minutes.
1) Child’s Pose
2) Downward Dog
3) Cat/Cow
If you find some relief in these positions, you can add more to your repertoire and experience even deeper relaxation.

sheffield hobbies - yoga

For a great stress reliever that requires a little less sweat, you can try an art class. Art House Sheffield is a lovely place to begin that artistic career you always secretly dreamed of. They offer a range of art and pottery courses for all abilities. This is a great thing to sign up to, ensuring you always have one day a week when you know you can de-stress and exercise your artistic licence. You don’t have to go a class either, you can buy yourself some drawing/painting materials or an adult colouring book and spend some time exploring art in your own way.

As providers of student accommodation in Sheffield, we can’t recommend strongly enough the making of time for yourself throughout university – and especially during exam season. Take a little time from studying, essay writing and house hunting to explore other sensations. You won’t regret it. After exams… soon comes the summer, check out our Sheffield Student Summer guide now.

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