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The Best Student Places to Live In For Your Interests

Sheffield is the fifth most populous city in the country. It’s no wonder students arrive in the thousands to study here. It’s not only for the outstanding education the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University offer their students. It’s not even only for the outstanding accommodation provided throughout the city 😉.  It is also due to the fact Sheffield is a city full of life and full of things to do. We have provided student accommodation for over four decades, we have what some might call the low-down on the student goings-on in and around the city.

We have picked up the scent on which areas of Sheffield are great for certain things. We know where the best places to eat and drink are. We certainly know what the best houses to live in are. Yet another thing we can help students with is deciding which part of Sheffield is best to live in depending on their interests and passions.

This may seem like an afterthought in what can sometimes be the scary process of looking for the perfect place to live. Though with the world at your fingertips, why shouldn’t you get your dream spot? All our properties are situated in vibrant areas near both universities, but in this blog we are going to detail what separates each of our popular student areas from each other in a bid to find which one is best for you.

Ecclesall Road: The Trendy Spot

Our Sheffield Hallam accommodation is easily found within this area and a growing number of University of Sheffield students are choosing to live on or near this thriving road. Living on Ecclesall Road is great for students who love going out in the day as much as they love going out at night. It is home to an array of gorgeous coffee shops, fashion boutiques and bars – cementing its position as the top trendy spot. One thing we think this area really stands out for is the mouth-watering food options. It is an area in which you can get yourself anything from artisan hot chocolate to chicken and waffles to a tasty vegan dish. It is also home to a Nandos, Taco Bell and Pizza Express. Are you hungry yet? Just beside Ecclesall Road is Sharrow Vale Road, another fantastic spot for amazing eateries that are as playful and thrifty as they are delicious, like Porter Pizza or The Greedy Greek Deli. You’d struggle to find any other popular student area in the city that provides you with as much food choice as living around Ecclesall Road does. It’s perfect for the house mate who enjoys food from a plethora of cultures including Italian, Indian and Thai. It’s brilliant for the resident vegan in the house. And it’s great for the friend who prefers to cook at home and likes having exceptional supermarket choice.

restaurants on ecclesall road

Hunter’s Bar: The Bohemian Area

Hunter’s Bar is an area of Sheffield that has a lot to offer. For one, it is home to Ecclesall Road South – Eccy Road’s big sister. From here you have easy access to other popular areas like Sharrow Vale Road as well as the city centre. Hunter’s Bar is a particularly artistic part of the city and shares a lot of the trendy qualities you can find on Ecclesall Road. It is a creative hub – with a lovely craft café called Fired Arts to get the creative juices flowing from your fingertips (and eventually into your essays.) It’s also home to some gorgeous cake and coffee shops as well as some trendy hair salons and barbers. Hunter’s Bar begins at Endcliffe Park, a popular spot for students from both universities. It is a park with a beauty that lasts through all seasons and is host to a wealth of activities. Hunter’s Bar is a fantastic choice for students who want to be close to the heart of the city but not right in the centre.

endcliffe park lake

Broomhill: The Student Capital

Broomhill is very close to the University of Sheffield’s halls of residence and so is a proud student capital. Living in Broomhill is great for students who are looking for an area that gives them the best of both the traditional and modern world. Living in Broomhill puts you in another spot with a wealth of culture, but this is your home if you are looking for true practicality. It has a great selection of supermarkets that are a good size and are sure to supply you with everything you need. You won’t have to look hard to find plenty of coffee shops to suit a range of budgets and tastes. There is also an assortment of charity shops and so you don’t always need to venture into the city centre to find something nice. There’s even a Card Factory around that you can swing by in time for Christmas. And for those of you who like to spend some time in a good pub, there is a great choice of public houses that always draw in a great student crowd. There are some fantastic pubs to visit too. The Fox and Duck allow people to bring in their own food and The Nottingham House make truly the best pies in Sheffield. Furthermore, few student areas in Sheffield compare to Broomhill for fast food options. A popular jaunt for students on their way home from nights out, you never have to wait too long for fast food cuisine in Broomhill. And right on your doorstep? How practical is that?

Crookes: The Little Village

Crookes is particularly popular for University of Sheffield students looking for accommodation, with the University gym, libraries and Student Union only a stone’s throw away. The area is growing increasingly popular with Hallam students too. Crookes is home to an array of small, traditional pubs. It is another area that is glittered with lovely popular cafes. It is a great area to move to if you are looking for a little village for a home. Crookes is popular for its community feel with locally run cafes and shops, full of locally sourced and locally made material. You will regularly see familiar faces around the area and are guaranteed to get a hello or two. Crookes is also full of iconic nature spots like Bole Hill Park, Crookes Valley Park and the Ponderosa – meaning it is often home to lovely little day festivals and there is always an impressive spot for a nature walk. We can’t forget to mention the strong calves you certainly will gain while living in Crookes. They don’t say Sheffield was built on seven hills for nothing.

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sheffield crookes pub