New Year Goals for Sheffield Students

January is often a time of reflection, excitement… maybe even a little nervousness or anticipation. The dawn of a new year usually signals that we could be doing something different or better. It may signal we should be more proactive about something, or that we should worry less, eat better, work out harder. The list goes on. It can be a little exhausting if we’re honest. While we accept the new year is a great time for self-evaluation and planning, we feel we should be a little easier on ourselves and more realistic with our goals. We’ve composed a list of new year goals for Sheffield students that are good for you, friends and housemates – without putting the pressure on so much!

Finding the Perfect Student Accommodation

This is pretty essential, right? As leading providers of the best loved student accommodation in Sheffield, we make it our mission to help students find the best student houses and flats. All our properties are brilliantly designed, with modern, large bedrooms and spacious shared areas. We offer rent only and all inclusive accommodation too! All our properties come with free Wifi, as we know how important a strong connection to the wider world is for students. We also make it incredibly easy to book a viewing and to sign for your property too. We pride ourselves on being renowned for being helpful, kind and quick to answer any questions. We offer help throughout the entire process. We even compiled a list of the best Sheffield student places to live. We honestly believe having a home you’re happy with is a great foundation for happiness. You can’t go wrong with starting here!

Seeing A Little Bit More of Sheffield

We understand it’s cold. We’re not big fans of the cold weather ourselves… it makes us want to stay inside. But this year… we’re not going to do that and we don’t think you should either… A brilliant and uplifting goal to give yourself this year is to see some more of this great city of Sheffield. Regardless of whether your home is in Crookes, Broomhill, Ecclesall Road or Hunters Bar – you’re in a prime position to take a lovely walk through the city. Many of our student tenants in Crookes may miss the culture and vibrance of Ecclesall Road, while some living in Ecclesall Road could easily miss the warmth of Crookes. A great thing to try and do this year is to really get out there. There are some gorgeous sites to see and exciting things to experience. From the Mayfield Alpaca Farm in Ringinglow, to the ever-booming Peddler Night Market near Kelham Island – there is a wealth of activities of things to do. Once exams are over, why not get yourself out there?

Study Hard, but Play Hard too

University is important. But so is your home and social life. One goal that should sit at the top of your list is the goal of studying hard, but still enjoying life, maintaining relationships and having fun. January can often be a time of year when we impose strict rules upon ourselves. Whether it’s to go to the gym every day, not get any more takeaways or to finally to go to all your lectures, we naturally impose plans and rules on ourselves. While all personal goals are important, we can’t stress enough the value of having a good time throughout university – and doing whatever it is that makes you happy.

Make More Time for Yourself

So your social life is booming and your academic growth persists… this is brilliant. As Sheffield student accommodation providers who care about our tenants, we always want to ensure happiness. Not just with accommodation, but personal happiness too. Making time for yourself is important, so we definitely recommend this. For some people, this time will be spent reading a book, or going for a run. For others, it will be playing on the PlayStation or listening to their favourite album. No one can tell you what that special thing will be, we can only tell you to find that special thing and try and do a little bit everyday.

We are proud to continually invest in our tenants, whether it be in the fantastic condition of our properties, or in their general student lives! Come back soon for another fun blog to help get you through the week!